Kangaroo Islands – Marine adventure galore

Kangaroo Island in Australia is situated to the southwest of the city of Adelaide and is stretched out across 150 Kms. There are many interesting amusement activities you can get into when at Kangaroo Islands.

If it is beaches that interest you – there are loads of amusing activities along the coastline. There is the ‘Chapman River’ and the ‘Antechamber bay’ you can visit – that have numerous tracks leading you across through sand hills, bush lands and lagoons, making it a great place for canoeists and campers. Shallow waters spools at the harbor of the Chapman River make for a perfect place where children can enjoy the water. The Antechamber Bay offers scenic picnic spots, camping and swimming areas.

For those interested in marine adventure activities there is the widest choice with the marine adventures that are offered at the ‘Kingscote Jetty’. These marine adventure trips vary from an hour trip to an entire day trip, with a half day option as well, that start from the Emu Bay wherein you not only get to enjoy the view of the friendly dolphins and varied other marine life while you travel across in the special water crafts, but you also have the option to try out some snorkeling.

Marine enthusiasts can also involve in scuba diving. Water around the place is calm and moderate allowing divers an opportunity descend 20 meters deep into the waters. While they enjoy wondering across at the walls of the ‘Gorgonia corals’, red sponges, all things attractive in orange and white or simply gaze in amazement at the impressive fish namely the blue devil, truncate and coral fish among many others. The scuba activities in the Kangaroo Island also offer the people an opportunity to see some shipwrecks. Operators on the island provide diving training lessons to enthusiasts and even amazing air fills.


Is it OK to fake it while travelling?

Sure, one of the best parts of travelling is the freedom to reinvent and reinvigorate yourself. But what happens if you take it too far and pretend to be someone you’re not? It’s a risky game. While most of us don’t masquerade as sportsmen to get free drinks from short-sighted, drunk soccer fans, most travellers at some time pretend to be someone else when they hit the road.

Qantas plane in emergency landing on island

The engine of the Dash 8-200 aircraft was shut down according to standard operating procedures and the plane landed at Lord Howe Island within five minutes of its scheduled time, the spokeswoman said. She added that Qantas engineers were being flown out to the island to access the plane. Qantas flies a daily return flight from Sydney to Lord Howe Island from Tuesdays to Fridays. It runs several flights to and from Sydney to Lord Howe Island on weekends.

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